Moving Help Motivation Strategies for Unpacking After a Move in Germantown, MD

If you are moving soon your head is probably filled with all of the things that you have to do to get your house packed up and ready to go before moving day arrives. Have you thought about how you want to unpack your new house yet though? At Yaacovzon Movers we have tips that can help make your unpacking go as smoothly as possible.

Take Photos for Help with Unpacking After a Move

Some of the things that you can do to make unpacking as easy as possible start when you begin packing your house up to move. One helpful thing that you can do requires your camera. So grab your camera and get ready! Taking pictures of the back of your TV, kitchen drawers, bookshelves, your desk, tool shed, and more can all make unpacking easier. You will want to take pictures of things that you know that you will realistically want unpacked either the exact same or very similarly. When you start unpacking you can just pull up your picture to help you unpack your boxes in your new home.

Color Coded Moving Labels & Tape

Another thing that you can do when you pack is create a color-coded system for your boxes. We recommend buying washi tape from your local craft supply store. You will need one color or pattern of washi tape for each room in your new home. Make a packing key with a list of each room and the washi tape you have assigned to that room next to it on the paper. Then as you pack your boxes you will simply put some washi tape on the outside of the box according to your key. When you go to move your boxes into your new home you will attach the assigned washi tape to the correct door. As people bring in boxes they simply have to match the washi tape on their box to the washi tape on the door and they will know what room it should go in.

What to Unpack & Organize First

Once you have loaded up all of your boxes and arrived at your new home it is time to start unloading. We recommend that you start in the kitchen. You will want to hook up your appliances first. Dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves, toasters, coffee makers, blenders, and any other appliances that you use on a regular basis will make your family feel comfortable as you all settle into your new home. After the appliances are all out and hooked up you can focus on getting the rest of the kitchen unpacked.

Tips to Unpack Bedrooms

Unpacking your bedrooms should be next on your list! Now that your family can eat in the kitchen they will also want to have somewhere to sleep. You will want to get all of the furniture in place before you begin unpacking boxes. Setting up beds and moving dressers frequently requires a few sets of hands so make sure you have a partner as you start working on bedrooms. Once all of the furniture is set up and in place you can begin unpacking the boxes.

Order of Unpacking for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are another essential place to unpack early in the unpacking process. Your family will definitely appreciate being able to take their medications, use the restroom, brush their teeth, and shower.
After you have the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms unpacked you can start putting any other furniture you have together. You will want to put the furniture in place before you begin unpacking boxes. The last place that you will unpack is the storage spaces. Attics and garages are typically the last things to be unpacked because the items stored there are not essential daily items.

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If your head is spinning after reading this you may want to consider hiring Yaacovzon Movers to pack and unpack your boxes. We will pack and unpack your boxes in addition to loading, unloading, and transporting your items. Give us a call today!

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