Moving Company Myths About Hiring Movers to Move House

When it comes time to move your home, whether it is over long distances, across town, or just right around the corner, the task can be overwhelming. There are plenty of arrangements to be made, and the endless project of packing what you want, donating or selling what you don’t and trashing the junk, needless to say, your hands are full when it comes time for moving into a new home. With so many professionals extending advice, and non-professionals doing the same, sometimes the facts can get misconstrued and myths are born. With that in mind, we at Yaacovzon Movers would like to set the record straight on a handful of the more commonly told myths that are giving you poor advice.

Moving Myths

1. Friday is the most optimal moving day? A lot of realtors started this rumor. Where it is in true in the essence you can commit to getting settled in on the weekend, you have to consider everyone else has the same idea. Moving companies are booked up on weekends in advance and it can be hard to get fit in, additionally, some moving companies will increase the rates for the weekend. Where it can be convenient in some ways to move on Friday, it isn’t necessarily the prime day.
2. Specific boxes and moving supplies are not really needed for moving? Where it might be tempting to visit your local grocery store, as so many people suggest, or find the five year old tape that has been abused, or the marker that is practically dried out, or resorting to old catalogs in an attempt to wrap your fragile delicates in, you should resist the urge. Investing in appropriately sized boxes that are sturdy and durable can protect your treasures during transportation. Fresh packing tape can keep those boxes secure and a fresh marker can clearly mark your labels. Wrapping the sensitive belongings in hardy wrapping paper and/or bubble wrap can greatly maximize their survival during transit.
3. All professionals are the same? Worst myth and rumor floating around, there are some moving companies around that sub-employ, meaning they recruit anyone willing to work for the day to help you move, they are untrained and inexperienced. On the other hand, movers like Yaacovzon Movers have trained professionals and have years of experienced under their belts. Some moving companies carry unexpected charges on your final bill, where as movers like Yaacovzon Movers show every charge for the services you require upfront.
4. Moving company’s general insurances covers your valuables in the event of a mishap? Where professionals have insurance, it only covers so much of a financial loss. Always inquire on the extent of their professional insurance and see about additional insurance for your move to ensure you are fully covered.

Moving Company Myths About Hiring Movers to Move House in Silver Spring, Germantown, Gaithersburg, Chevy Chase, Annapolis, Baltimore, Rockville MD, Alexandria, VA & Washington DC

There are quite a few other myths that we at Yaacovzon Movers will debunk and set the record straight in the future, but for now we hope these help you get your moving day to be conducted smoothly and efficiently. If you are looking for a professional mover, contact us, Yaacovzon Movers has a team of experts ready to schedule your moving and to make sure it is done exceptionally well. Call us today to get started!

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