Tips for Moving Pianos, Fish Tanks, Live Plants & Other Hard to Move Items in Baltimore, MD

When you are ready to make the move from one location to the next you need to be ready for all kinds of different scenarios. Most people that are moving long distance or even locally will hire a moving company to come out and load their belongings and pack them on their moving truck. The truck will then be able to haul the items from your old home to your new one. That way you can spend your ride not having to worry about the majority of your stuff. There are still some people that think that they can do the whole move on their own until they get to some of those hard to handle items.

Yaacovzon Movers Lists Tips for Moving Hard to Move Items

Moving a Fish Tank from One Place to Another: If you have a fish tank that needs to be moved from your old house to a new house you want to do it with care. There are some things that you need to consider when you need to move a fish tank. The first thing is that the tank is large and full of water for one, and two the fish are in there and they are alive. When the fish are jostled around too much they can be injured and even killed. The fish need to be removed from the tank and put into a smaller vessel for the move. Then you can remove a lot of the water while you move the tank to a safe location.
How to Move a Piano Up or Down Stairs & More: If you have a piano and you need to move you probably know that moving it can be a serious task. The piano is large and extremely heavy making it a challenge to move. The other issue and really more importantly is that the piano is very fragile and the moving parts can be damaged and even broken. Making repairs to a piano can be extremely expensive and even the smaller jarring can cause it to need repair. The piano can get out of tune which will also need to be repaired when it gets to the new house. It is always best to use a professional that knows how to safely move a piano.
How to Move House Plants a Short or Long Distance: If you have live plants in your home you may need to have them moved. The issue is that the plant is in a planter that will be full of dirt that can easily spill over and make an enormous mess. The mess can then spread to other items that can potentially damage them. The plants can also die if they are left unattended and without air and water for a few days while the big move is happening. You want to be really careful when moving the plants to avoid a possible disaster.

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