Frequently Asked Moving Questions

Moving locally or over a long distance can be overwhelming, especially for the first timers or little experienced. With so much to do with so little time, having questions answered can be a strain, especially if you don’t want to fill obligated to commission the services of a professional moving company. Well, today we at Yaacovzon Movers would like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding moving. If you don’t see your question listed, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly office to offer you some assistance.

Frequently Asked Moving Questions

Question: What’s the best way to move pets over a long distance move?
Answer: In most cases, allowing the pet to ride with familiar faces is best for their emotional state. If that is impossible, check with the airlines and transportation options about policies for moving pets, as well as your local pet-moving professional companies and make an educated decision on the best options available. In addition to the actual move, it is ideal to know the rules, codes, regulations, and policies of the local community, living arrangements, and so on to know what to expect for your pet.
Question: How do I safely move my aquarium?
Answer: Without proper air filtration, aerobic bacteria will start to die in a matter of hours. Bear that in mind while moving the tank.
• Put fish in a holding container
• Drain the tank. If the move is taking just a couple hours you can save some water to preserve the aerobic bacteria colony.
• Disassemble the fish tank. If you have living plants inside a bag of water will keep them protected for a short time.
• Clean or trash the filter and pack all the pumps, heaters, and other electronics in fragile boxes, and carefully wrap the glass shell accordingly.
Question: How do I move my houseplants?
Answer: Many professional movers offer packing materials for safe plant transportation. Otherwise make sure they have good climate control in the car and make sure they are secure to avoid any issues.
Question: How do I pack?
Answer: The most important things to consider are the materials. Many people use the hand-me-downs that are not durable, sturdy, or optimal for various possessions. Proper packing and the use of appropriate materials can ensure your items reach their destination safely and without damage.
Question: How to do I move electronic equipment, fragile antiques and collectibles?
Answer: To begin with, fitting them in the right boxes and cartons, with the appropriate wrap and protection is extremely important. Label them fragile and do not stack on top of etc.
Question: How can I stretch my moving budget out?
Answer: Start by requesting the deposits on utility services, along with a good customer letter stating your ontime, full bill payments. Coupons are more valuable during this time. You do not have to get into extreme couponing, but saving on groceries, entertainment, as well as taking advantage of specials for the actual moving event can go a long way. Don’t forget to downsize. Removing the junk, and stuff you no longer want or need can help save costs on moving materials as well as transportation. Trash it, donate it, or sell it. Yard sales can help accrue costs for moving.

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We hope we answered any of your questions. Remember, Yaacovzon Movers has top quality moving materials as well as experienced and trained movers to help you pack, load transport, unload and unpack to help you with the heavy burdens of moving. Call us today to get started!

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