How to Pack Moving Boxes Efficiently in Alexandria, VA; Labels for Marking & More

When you are looking to move from one home to another it is a good idea to plan it out. The plans will include where you are moving, when you are moving and how you are moving. Getting deeper into the details will happen as the move gets a little close. One way to take some of the stress of moving off your plate is to hire a moving company. We can come out to the house and load all your boxes and large belongings onto a truck. This is a great way to reduce the hard labor as well as the stress of how you will get your entire house out and to a new place. When you are looking at packing your house it is a good time to donate and toss what you know you won’t need. Then you need to have a plan on how to box and pack your belongings.

Yaacovzon Movers Lists Packing Tips for Moving

Best Size Boxes for Moving: When you are looking at packing your house you want to make sure you have different sized boxes. You might think that loading several large boxes full is the way to go but it is a bad idea. The size of the box is important when you are trying to organize as well as make the box manageable. You want to make sure when you are packing something that is heavy like books or glasses you use a small box. That way you can secure the box and the items that are in it. The larger boxes should be used for things that are lighter in weight such as your pillows, blankets and clothes. If you overload the box it can be hard to move when you get it in the house. This will make the unpacking of your new house much harder.

Use Packing Peanuts, Paper & Other Supplies: The other problem that you will find is that when you use a box is that the items you are placing in the box are not perfect squares. That means there will be open space when you load the box. This is the time your items can be damaged because they are not secured. The extra space will allow the items to move around when it is being loaded or when the truck is driving down the highway. You can use packing paper or bubble wrap to secure the extra space. Pack the corners and sides with the packing paper and your items will not be able to move around.

Labels for Moving Boxes: When you are packing your house to move you want to organize your house and what you are taking. The packing should be done so that when you arrive at your new house you can unload the boxes with ease. You want to make sure you label all the boxes so you know what is in it and where the box should be placed. This will help when you are looking for a particular item at your new location.

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