Declutter Before You Move in Washington, DC; Keep or Purge by Donating or Selling Household Items

If you have a move coming up in your future you may be thinking about all of the things you need to get done before you move.  There is a large list of things that need to be completed when you move from one home to another.  During the moving process, many people smartly choose to pare down their belongings.  It simply does not make sense to move items that you do not really need or use anymore.  Today Yaacovzon Movers has some tips for you on how to pare down your belongings as you go through the process of moving.

Decide What to Keep & Purge

If you are trying to only move the things that you really need and use it will be important for you to evaluate every item that you have and determine whether or not you want to keep it.  This process can be overwhelming if you do not have a plan.  Lucky for you, Yaacovzon Movers has some tips on how to tackle the project.  First we recommend that you only do one room at a time.  It can be so easy to start working in one room and then start another room before you finish up with the first one.  Try your best to resist falling into this trap.  Stay focused on one entire room before moving onto the next one. 

Keep, Donate or Sell when Packing to Move

As you go through each room you will want to make three different piles.  One pile is for items that you are keeping.  Another pile is for items that you want to donate or sell.  The last pile is for items that simply need to be thrown away.  Every item in that room needs to go into one of these three piles.  If you have a hard time deciding which pile to put a particular item in maybe place it to the side for a minute.  Sometimes your answer becomes clear as you go through the other belongings in that room.  Once you are done going through that room immediately take the garbage pile and throw it away.  Then bag up items for donating and start an area for all of the items that you will be donating.  If you are going to sell some of them start a pile for those items as well.

Donating Household Items Before Moving

Next you will want to tackle the items that you want to donate.  There are a variety of places that you can donate your items to.  Maybe you have a friend or family member that could use some of these items.  Take a picture of the item and text it to them to see if they want it.  If there are multiple things that you think they would like you may want to have them come over and look through them instead of taking pictures of them all.  Give them a date that you are going to donate them to a donation center if they do not come and pick their items up so that you do not end up having them in your home for too long. 

Selling Contents of House Rather than Moving Them

If you have items that you are going to sell you will need to decide where you are going to sell them at.  Garage sales, Facebook yard sale sites, Craig’s List, OfferUp, and more all provide you with an excellent forum for getting rid of these items. 

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All of the hard work that you do paring down your home before your home will be worth it.  Knowing that you can move into your new home only the belongings that you intentionally decided to bring with you will make your new home feel even better! Yaacovzon Movers can handle all your moving needs. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

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