How Do Military Families Move in Arlington, VA? DIY AKA Personally Procured Move (PPM) with Professional Movers

The life of a serviceman or servicewoman is noble and is respected by the entire country. It is a great career where you can offer your fight and security for the rights of the people that live in the United States. One thing that comes with being in the military is that they are given orders to move often. You may be lucky enough to stay for several years in one place but the orders will come and you will need to move again. Many families that are part of this culture of moves will normally not stock up on unnecessary items. They tend to keep it more simple and small with the belongings that they take with them. The packing and unpacking is much easier when you do. The thought that you will need to do this every few years is enough to stay minimal in your home. When it comes time to move, there used to be one option and that was for the military to send their moving service to you. This is called PCS or Permanent Change Of Service and it was the military plan to move your and your items to the new location that you have been stationed at. Now there is another option if you want to forgo the PCS movers. Yaacovzon Movers outlines how military families can move with a private mover.

Personally Procured Move (PPM)

When you have orders to move it is your responsibility as the military member to get your items scheduled to move. You also have to find a new place to live and investigate the schools and other amenities in the area. The other thing that you can do is considered a do it yourself move or a PPM. The PPM stands for Personally Procured Move and makes it so that you can do it your way. This is great especially for families that want to keep more items and don’t always want to get rid of their sentimental and decorations that make their house a home. It is the way that many families will go to save some money since they can shop around and get a great price on their particular move. The great part about using this option is that you are working on your own moving company and they can work around your timeline instead of the other way around like with a PCS move. The military member will get time off to make sure that he or she is able to get the move done and located to the new place in order to start back at work.

How Does a PPM Move Save Money?

When the military family has to move based on orders from the government they are given an allotment to move. That amount is based on the amount that the government thinks it “should” cost to relocate to the new place that they have assigned you. Their cost and the cost that you can personally can get can be different. That means that you can pay a lesser price for your move with a reputable company and take the excess money from the move allotment and enjoy!

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