How Do You Prepare for a Local or Long Distance Move from Arnold, MD; What to Do & Not Do when Moving

For those who are undergoing their first local or long distance move or went through one already and found a major catastrophe, you may be wondering what went wrong or how to have a smoother move next time. Yaacovzon Movers will share some of the do’s and don’ts of a residential or commercial move to better prepare you for an impending or future move.

What Do I Need to Do when Moving?

– It is always nice to let friends and family know where you’re moving to. It helps you, and your family, adjust by keeping in touch with old friends while you begin to make new friends.
– When it comes to a long distance move start packing early and sort through the stuff you want to keep and the stuff you want to sell, donate, or throw away. You’re going to want to have everything packed and ready before the moving trucks come to your home. Avoid bringing stuff with you that you know you do not want or will ever use again. You pay for space for each truck you rent.
– You do want to hire a professional piano mover if you have one, if you have antiques or expensive furniture. So many times expensive and delicate furniture gets damaged and even destroyed during a move. It does pay to have a professional mover to help handle and properly secure your larger expensive items during a long trip. When it comes to a long distance move, you might find there are many benefits of using a professional moving company.
– For those with pets, you must consider them as well. Depending on how long of a trip you’re taking, you might need to make sure you have the proper transportation crates with plenty of food and water. Not to mention potty breaks for those pets that will need them.

What Should You Not Do when Moving?

– One of the biggest don’ts is to leave the organization for unloading while you’re moving in. Purging your personal belongings of the things you want to keep and the stuff you want to get rid of in your new home is a waste of time and resources. Your best opportunity to organize your house hold items is before you move. Pack boxes by designated room and label the items inside. This will make your unpacking easier. If you’re using a moving company to help you unload the truck, they will be able to take each box to the right place.
– Don’t forget about your vehicle. If you fly and are not driving to your new home or have more than one vehicle to move, you will need to make transportation arrangements for your vehicles and other sport type vehicles.
– Don’t make a mess of either of the homes you’re moving out of or moving into. For the home you’re trying to sell, it helps to keep it clean. You don’t want your new home to get all messing during the move in either. Most moving companies will have their movers wear protective foot covering to keep dirt from coming into the home they service. If you want to invest in some, it will help keep your home clean.
– Don’t try to bring house plants with you. You might have taken great care of some of those house plants for years, and you don’t want to leave them behind. However most plants die during the move for many reasons. You might find it is best to give them away and start over at your new home with plants that are suitable for the climate conditions.

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There are many things you will want to do and things you don’t want to do to when making a local or long distance move. You will want it to go easier and smoother for you and your family. Yaacovzon Movers hopes to help you prepare efficiently for your upcoming move and remember to take your time and start early. We are a moving company that can help make your move go easy. Contact us today.

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