Is Moving Stressful for Pets in Washington DC? How Do I Plan a Residential Move when I have a Cat or Dog?

Traveling can be fun and usually pretty stress free if it’s planned out properly. You bring snacks and maybe a few items that may help to make the long trip more comfortable for you. The same can be said if you’re traveling with your pets. We are not saying that your pet will need tons of pillows and blankets to be comfortable but wouldn’t you like to know what may make them more comfortable? Moving often brings added stress to you and whoever you may be traveling with. So to make things a little easier, Yaacovzon Movers offers some helpful tips to help you make your trip moving with your pets go more smoothly.

How Do I Prepare My Pets For Moving?

We often treat our pets like they are our children so of course when it comes to moving them long distances we’re going to worry. Will they adjust well to our new home? Will they do ok in the car? Will traveling make them sick? Will they be scared or anxious and if so should I talk to a vet about getting something to help them relax? All these questions running thru your head might be making you anxious. The answer to all of them is, Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! Being prepared for even the worst will take a huge load of stress off of you.
• Figure out how long your trip will take.
◦ Knowing how long your trip will take will allow you to plan ahead. Making sure that you know the stops you’ll be able to make and time zones you’ll cross will help make staying on a routine easier.
• Stick to a routine.
◦ If you feed your pet at 9 am and walk them at noon keep that in mind while you’re on the road because no matter what time zone you cross noon will still be noon to them.
• Make sure you have enough food and water.
◦ One less headache you need on the road is your pet having diarrhea because you ran out if their usual food and had to buy whatever they had at the gas station.
◦ Having water accessible, while messy, can help keep your pet from being car sick.
• Bring your pet a few toys or other comforts of home.
◦ Bringing something along for your pet to have with them through it all can help make your pet feel more comfortable in what can also be a stressful situation for them too. As well as helping them adjust to their new home.
• Visit your vet.
◦ Make sure that your pet is healthy enough to make the trip with you or if bringing them at a different time would be best.
◦ If you think that your pet may become anxious during your trip be safe and just get them something to take the edge off.

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