Move Day Checklist in Rockville, MD; Inventory Items, Ensure Space to Load & Unload Moving Truck & More

When the day comes and the moving truck arrived to pack up and load the moving truck, you will want to be completely prepared. When moving day arrives you will find having a moving checklist is a major life saver. Often moving day is very busy and you are repeatedly rushed to help save time and money. When rushing this is when mishaps often occur and something gets lost, forgotten, or broken. To prevent major mishaps, a moving checklist will keep your moving day on track and organized. Yaacovzon Movers would like to share a moving day checklist that can help you monitor and ensure a successful move.

Make a Moving Inventory List

To make sure nothing gets left behind, it helps to make an inventory list that you can check off as the items get loaded. Some examples you can include on the this can be:
• Number of Boxes
• Furniture/ Piano
• Mattresses & Bed Frame
• Art Work & Antiques
• Appliances
A moving checklist will greatly help you know that everything has been loaded and unloaded and nothing was forgotten.

Plan a Final Moving Walkthrough

Part of your moving day check list is to make sure you include a walkthrough of the entire home. Not only are you double checking that everything got packed and loaded into the moving truck, but a final walk through can bring you peace of mind. Fearing you left something behind can haunt some people, especially when unpacking and you can’t find a certain item. For your own peace of mind, make sure to do a final walkthrough of your home.

Provide Space to Load & Unload Moving Truck

Another important part of moving day is to make sure there is space for the moving trucks. Moving trucks need to be able to have space to load all of the boxes and large furniture and appliances. Depending on the layout of your home and the property some idea areas for the moving trucks is to back up next to the garage or next to the curb right in front of the home.

Moving Service Documents

When waiting for the movers and the trucks to arrive, double check your moving service documents. Make sure everything is correct, particularly the address to your new home. You do not want there to be a typo and have the moving truck driver go to the wrong location. Additionally, look over any details such as moving service regulations and if there are any additional requirements from you.

What to Bring in the Car when You Move

If you are moving long distances you might have some items in your vehicle. These items may include entertainment items, tables, books or even your favorite pillow. If there is anything you want to pack in your vehicle, have it packed before the movers arrive to avoid any confusion.

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When you want to remove the stress of moving day consider making a moving checklist. For quality moving services contact Yaacovzon Movers today.

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