How to Prepare & Move Your Personal Belongings & Packing for Long Term Storage in Annapolis, MD; Label Moving Boxes!

Sometimes moving just stinks. It can be overwhelming to get your stuff packed up. It almost seems like your belongings doubled the second you start to think about putting it in boxes. At times, it can seem like you don’t even know where to start. It can feel even more so when you are preparing to store your belongings in a long term storage facility. You want to make sure your things are kept safe, and you want to be able to find them easily when it is time to remove them from storage. Yaacovzon Movers are here to talk about some tips to help when you are preparing your belongings for long term storage.

Here is a List of Tips to Help You Pack up Your Clothes & Other Belongings for Long Term Storage

1. Packing Boxes Matter– When you are gathering boxes to hold your many possessions in, you want to make sure they are sturdy. If you don’t use high quality boxes, you will find that they often collapse when stacked on top of each other, damaging your stuff.
2. Don’t Use Plastic Bags to Pack– It may seem tempting to throw some of your things in plastic bags when you are storing them. It seems like a good idea. The plastic will create a barrier and protect your belongings right? Wrong. Often, when items are stored in plastic bags, water and moisture start to accumulate and ruin anything in the bag. You don’t want to lose anything to mold and mildew.
3. Clean Your Appliances– Before you prepare any appliances for long term storage, they need to be thoroughly cleaned first. To ensure they are truly clean, use bleach in your cleaning solution. Baking soda is a great for cleaning as well, and can be left inside during the duration of the storage. You want to make sure the doors are ajar when you store appliances to allow them to breathe. Use something to prop the door open and keep it open always.
4. Label Moving Boxes Extensively– You may think you will remember what you put where, but you won’t. When you finish packing a box, make an extensive list of the objects inside. It is ideal to come up with a master list that details what is in each box, and even better if you can find somewhere in your storage facility to keep it to refer to.
5. Keep Items Off the Ground– Placing a tarp or canvas on the floor of the unit before moving your items inside is ideal. It is a good idea to use pallets if that it possible too. If there is any moisture on the floor your items will be kept safe.
6. Vacuum and Polish Furniture– When you thoroughly clean your furniture, it can help you avoid any mold growth. Sealing your wooden furniture with polish before you store it will help protect it as well. Cover all of your furniture with white cotton sheets to help keep them protected while they are being stored.

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This list can seem overwhelming, and add stress to an already stressful move. Yaacovzon Movers can help! We offer storage facilities that will keep your items safe for as long as you need. We can help you prepare your belongings to ensure they are organized throughout the storage process. Call us today!

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