Etiquette for Asking Someone to Help You Move & Saying No to Helping Someone Move in Baltimore, MD!

When you get to the point in your life that you have decided that you are going to move you need to start making a lot of plans. You have most likely taken quite a lot of time to look for a place to live and now you have to pack your old residence and move all your belongings over to a new location and home. The next step is to decide how you are actually going to get your things packed and moved. Some people think that it is no big deal and they can just do it on their own or with the help of some friends.

Yaacovzon Movers Lists Why it is a Bad Idea to Ask Friends to Help When You Move

Moving Takes Time: Most people have a few friends that are willing to help with lots of things throughout your life. One of them that is not on that list is when someone needs to move and they ask for your help. Moving an entire house is a huge feat to take on and it is going to take a substantial amount of time. The friends will have to take time on a Saturday away from kids sporting events, or their day off to come out and spend an entire day doing something they probably have very little experience in. They will need to use cords, ties, blankets and bungee cords to get the items safely packed and loaded. It can take an amateur a lot more time to do the job than a professional that is experienced; and your friends might still not get it right.
Now You Owe Your Friends a Move: Once you have asked your friends to come out and help with such a huge task you are sure to feel some obligation to help. They may say they are willing to help out and that you don’t owe them but you will feel like it anyway. The next time they need to move or have a large project they are surely going to call you to help out. Now you are going to need to find time to help them even if it takes time away from your everyday activities.
Items Could Get Damaged During Moving: When you go into a big move with the help of your non-mover friends you are sure to come across some damage. When people are not sure how to lift and move items or pack them safely they can cause damage without knowing. These can end up being a costly mistake that can end up with you at the store purchasing new items that you were not intending on needing to purchase. If you want to keep your items from damage you should stay away from friend labor and go with hiring a professional.

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If you were thinking about asking your friends to come out and help you move your belongings to a new house you should re-think it. It is not going to save you money when you have to replace the damaged items and now that you will owe them for the help that they offered you. Call Yaacovzon Movers for professional assistance!

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