The Cost of DIY VS Hiring a Professional Mover When Relocating to your New Home or Business in the Washington DC & Annapolis MD Area

You decide you are ready to move. Maybe you have bought a new home in Annapolis Maryland for your growing family or rented an apartment with a friend in Washington DC. This can be a really stressful time after the fun and excitement of finding where to live. You now have to pack all your belongings and may first start the process of begging for friends and family to start moving the boxes and large pieces of furniture to your new residence. This is when you will see your friends and family are likely too busy with their own schedules to help you move. You also have to hope for someone that has a truck that is big enough to put the large pieces of furniture in to get it where you are going safely. There is a much better way than imposing yourself on friends and family that are most likely inexperienced with packing and moving. It is better to hire a professional mover to handle all the stressful parts of moving for you.

Yaacovzon Movers has some reasons why hiring a professional is better than doing it yourself.

Moving Takes Time: When it comes to packing and moving, you may be in the process for several weeks. You need to find time after work or on a Saturday to start little by little packaging and boxing all your stuff. You have to work smartly and leave out the things you will need over the next few weeks; which can be challenging to say the least. You also need to purchase boxes, tape and packing material to make sure your valuables make it to their new home safe. The time that it takes to then get the items in a truck or car can be another several days of your life. You will have to take what seems like endless trips from one place to the other. When you hire a professional to move you, they will come at a designated time and date and get your home packed for you. Instead of you taking weeks to do it, they can have it done in a day or two depending on the size of the house. They can then schedule to come back the following day and move all the packed items in a truck and drive them to your new house. This can save you so much time that you can use to spend wisely cleaning, enjoying organizing and relaxing as well as possibly shopping for new d├ęcor and home goods items.

Cost of Moving: You may think that you will save money by moving yourself with the help of some friends, but you may not have accounted for all the expenses. First you will need to buy all the materials to pack the house up. It can get expensive going back and forth for more tape and boxes. You also will be spending money on gas for the several trips that it is going to take you to actually move all your stuff over. You may even need to compensate the friends that might show up to help. You can pay a mover one fee that will have your home packed and moved and you not having to worry about paying for endless moving supplies, gas and endless bribes and favors to your friends.

Moving Skills: You might think that you have the skills to package your house up safely for transport, but more people have items show up broken to their new home when they move it themselves as opposed to a professional mover. A professional moving company like Yaacovzon Movers knows how to pack the items not only in boxes safely but also in the truck for transport.

If you are ready to move and want to save time, money and use our knowledge, experience and skills, call Yaacovzon Movers today to schedule your stress free move.

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