Should I Pack & Move During the Holidays in Chantilly, VA? How to Celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas when Moving

The holiday season as a whole is a crazy time for everyone. Trying to find the perfect gifts for those you love, attending parties and don’t forget the Christmas concerts for your kids. When your long distance moves lands smack in the center of the holidays, it can leave you feeling less than holly jolly. Yaacovzon Movers is here to share some tips to help you navigate your move during the holiday season so that you can enjoy what you can during the most wonderful time of the year even when moving.

It’s All About Timing

Like mentioned above, the holidays are nuts. Did you know that the holidays are among the busiest time of the year for moving as well? It may not be peak moving season by any means, but it is busy nonetheless. You need to secure your moving company as soon as possible before you are left with a less than ideal situation. Another thing about timing is your departure and arrival dates. You will want to take into consideration traffic and travel. Avoid the busiest days which are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day.

Fit Your Move Into Your Budget

Budgets are usually tight during the holiday season, and it may feel like this year you are going to go broke between moving and purchasing the perfect gifts. Know that you can usually save yourself some money when you plan your move for the middle of the week. You can also save on boxes when you ask local stores if you can have their boxes they frequently throw away.

Donate Belongings

When you are in the middle of a move, it always feels good to get rid of some of your things. You never really realize how much stuff you own until you decide to move. It is compounded when you are moving long distance. Making donations at your local Good Will is the perfect thing to do to get you into the giving spirit.

Watch the Weather

The weather is always a concern during the holidays. This is especially true when you are going to be doing a long distance move. You will likely be driving through more than one climate which means you need to watch and plan for the weather you are facing. It is helpful at this time of year to be prepared to shift your departure and arrival dates one or two days on either side to make room for the weather if needed.

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Moving during the holidays is stressful. There is simply no way around it. Let Yaacovzon Movers help to alleviate that stress as we take over your long distance move for you. We will ensure your belongings arrive on time and in one piece. We will handle the heavy lifting so you can turn your attention to those you love and the other logistics that come with moving your family. Call us today!

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