Packing Tips for Moving in Gaithersburg, MD; Six Week Timeline for Moving House Out of State, Across Country or a Local Move

For many people a long distance move can be a major life changing event. The best way to make sure that your long distance move goes smoothly is to plan ahead. The experienced professionals at Yaacovzon Movers recommend the following valuable moving tips to ensure that your next move will be as successful as it can possibly be.

Six Week Timeline for Packing & Moving

Six Weeks Before for Moving Deadline: Take a good look at your belongings and decide what you want to keep and what you want to leave behind. Extra weight costs extra money. If you have a lot of items that you want to sell, organize a garage sale. Begin a file on the detail of your move and keep copies of your moving-related expense receipts. In some instances you may be entitled to a tax deduction.

Five Weeks before Your Moving Date: Jot down a floor plan of your new home and begin planning where you are going to place your furniture. This serves two purposes; any planning done in advance can ease the stress of deciding where your furniture will be placed when it arrives in your new home and you can label items using a color code system when you are packing for easier unpacking at your final destination.
• Make sure any repair work needed on your old home has been fully completed.
• Notify the post office of your change of address
• Contact your utility providers to schedule your disconnection of services for the day after your move. Contact your new utility providers to arrange for services to be connected the day before your move to ensure you have power when you arrive.

Four Weeks Moving To Do List: Begin packing any items that are not often used for example specialty cookware items, decorative items and seasonal clothing. Keep each box light enough for family members to handle, a good rule of thumb is to keep heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes. If you are planning a garage sale pick a date one week before your move and begin to advertize.

Three Week Checklist before Your Move Date
: Begin an inventory of your household items such as dishes, cookware and small appliances and decide which ones will be moving with you and which ones will be discarded. Label the contents of your boxes as you pack them and itemize accordingly.

Two Weeks before Move Date: Contact your insurance company to cancel your current coverage and transfer to your new home. Cancel any delivery services including newspapers etc. Get your car serviced to make sure it is in tip-top shape and operating correctly.

One Week Moving Checklist: Pack some essential items to travel in the car with you including toiletries, medications, toilet paper, and a couple of your child’s toys.

One to Two Day’s before your Move Date: Your professional Yaacovzon Movers will arrive to begin the majority of the packing process. Empty and defrost your refrigerator, before cleaning and allow the refrigerator to air out before putting baking soda or charcoal inside to keep it fresh.

On the Day of Your Move: When the movers arrive, review all of the moving details and paperwork and verify delivery plans.

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