How Do I Pack My Belongings for Short or Long Term Storage in Bethesda, MD? Clean, Sturdy Boxes, Pallets & More

There are several reasons people put need to put their belongings in storage. Whether you are moving temporarily into a smaller house, or want to reserve some old pieces for posterity, you want to make sure the furniture and other keepsakes stored don’t get damaged and stay in their original condition. Even if you plan for short term storage, it is best to pack as though you are storing items long term to ensure they are packed properly (plus you never know what unforeseen delays may occur). Yaacovzon Movers is here to share some tips on how to best prepare your items for short or long term storage.

Clean Items You Plan to Store Properly

When you are preparing any furniture for long term storage you need to make sure you clean it thoroughly. If you don’t vacuum and clean every crack and crevice of the furniture, you run the risk of attracting pests. You don’t want any pests making nests in any of your belongings. Pay close attention to the metal pieces and parts on your furniture so you can avoid any oxidation. When cleaning out appliances, allow plenty of time for them to completely dry before putting them in storage to avoid any mold growth. Once mold starts to grow it can spread to other belongings nearby and completely ruin things.

Reinforce Moving Boxes So they are Sturdy

When buying boxes and plastic wrap, make sure they are sturdy. You want the boxes to be able to hold up long term. They will have several boxes stacked on top of them, and need to be strong enough to bear the weight. It is a good idea to use industrial plastic wrap for belongings that can’t fit into boxes to protect them. Any clothing should also be sealed to safeguard them. This can be done in vacuum sealed bags and will surely keep out any creepy, crawly things looking for a home. Be sure that you don’t use any loose plastic bags, however. These are more likely to accumulate moisture, which will in turn, become a mold issue.

Organize Storage Items on Pallets

If there is any way possible, you will want to store your items off the ground. By using pallets or tarps, you will be sure your furniture isn’t sitting on a damp floor, susceptible to mold growth. When they are off the ground, even if it is just a few inches, it allows the air to freely move and keep things dry.

Mark & Label Storage Boxes

It is important that all your boxes are labeled in great detail. You will most definitely forget what you put in which box. Even if you have an entire list written on the side of the box, it will pay off when you go to retrieve your things. Clearly label fragile items so they can be treated with extra care. You don’t want to open a box to find your fragile items broken and ruined.

Dissemble Furniture Before Moving into Storage

You should always dissemble any furniture that you possibly can. This will make transporting it much easier. By dissembling furniture, you don’t run the risk of it getting as beat up in the moving process by hitting walls and doors on its way out.

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If you are, for any reason, getting ready to store your items, remember that the packing process is quite different than packing your items for an immediate move. You need to take into consideration the weather of the area you will be storing your items in, and take extra care in packaging. When making storage plans, Yaacovzon Movers can help. You don’t want to have to worry about transporting it on your own. Let Yaacovzon Movers make your next move easier. Call us today!

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